Shipping times are listed in each item description


What makes Sassy Press On Nails different from the press on nails in my local retailers?

These are not your average press on nails! Each sassy press on nail is hand crafted with a lot of love and detail. They are custom made to fit each finger. Nails are our passion and we spend a lot of time researching and creating new designs to keep all of our "Sassy Ladies" up to date with the latest trends in the nail world. We also coat each Sassy Press On Nail with a layer of acrylic/gel to make them extra durable. Your nails will look like you just left a top notch nail studio and I promise that your nails will be the topic of discussion everywhere you go.


How do I know what size to order?

The fit of your custom enhancements is very important. Purchasing a sizing kit is the only way to ensure the prefect fit. Please order a sizing kit for each length/shape that you are interested in purchasing FIRST. After you receive your sizing kit you will know exactly how each length/shape press on will fit your nail bed. When placing your order please enter the number sizes associated with each finger. Example: Pinky: 8 Ring: 4 Middle: 3 Index: 5 Thumb: 1

What are the sizes for your stock sizes?

Measurements are listed in the following order: 

Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, Pinky

XL- 2.0cm, 1.5cm, 1.7cm, 1.5cm, 1.2cm

L- 1.8cm, 1.4cm, 1.5cm, 1.4cm, 1.1cm

M- 1.7cm, 1.3cm, 1.4cm, 1.3cm, 1.0cm

S- 1.5cm, 1.2cm, 1.3cm, 1.2cm, 9cm

XS- 1.4cm, 1.1cm, 1.2cm, 1.1cm, 8cm

** Medium seems to be our most popular/common size


What is included in my order?

Your order will include 1 nail file, 1 buffer, 1 alcohol wipe, 1 cuticle stick and detailed step by step instructions on how to apply your nails. You will only receive one application kit per package.


How do I apply my press on nails?

Very detailed application directions are included in each set.


How do I remove my Sassy Press On Nails?

You can easily remove your set by soaking them in warm water and gently lifting the sides with a orange wood stick.
You can also soak your hands in 100% pure acetone which can be purchased at your local drugstore. The acetone will melt your press on nails, do not use this method if you plan on reusing your nails.


How long will Sassy Press On Nails stay on?


Do you offer wholesale prices?

Unfortunately we do not because our prices are already reasonable for the quality that we offer.


Do you offer local pick up?

Due to the volume of orders that we process on a daily basis and the one on one attention that we give each client in our appointment based salon we do not offer local pick up. However shipping is FREE if your order totals $100 or more.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Sizing Kits process in 5 days ships on the 6th day 

Custom Press On Nails process in 3 weeks ships one day after 

Rush My Nails options process in 5 business days ships on the 6th business day 

Ready To Ship options process in 5 days ships on the 6th day 

Create My Own Press On options process in 5 days ships on the 6th day 

Sassy Professional Strength Glue process in 5 days ships on the 6th day 

Sassy Card Swippers and Sassy Smoke Clips process in 5 days ships on the 6th day 


How do I contact someone?

Please feel free to email us: