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Sassy Press On Nails

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** You will receive a set of 10 different sized nails to determine the proper size for you. Please do not worry if the nails are not pre shaped... the final product will be shaped perfectly and acrylic/gel will be applied to your set as well. ** Each length and shape of nail may fit differently. To ensure a proper fit please order a coordinating sizing kit for each length and shape that you desire to order. ** This item usual ships out in 5 business days. ** After sizing your nails with our kit, once you are ready to order please select the size option “custom send in notes” and send us a note WITH YOUR ORDER that includes the number sizes associated with each finger.... example: Pinky 8 Ring Finger 4 etc ** Please understand that I can not be held responsible for sizing issues due to you measuring improperly since all nails are made to order. This is why this kit really comes in handy.